Love triangle dating challenge game emmanuelle chriqui dating history

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===Story===As a high school student in an elite music school, you’ve worked hard to shine. And which love interest will win your heart on valentine's day?All your life, you’ve focused strictly on practice and performance—and you’ve done it alone. Only You Can Decide Your Path to success and love...===Character Profiles===Tetsuya - Cellist.These are punchy and entertaining, despite their portrayal of young people as sponges for TV trivia and celebrity gossip.

Are you ready to withstand the love tests of dating a pop star? -ENJOY attractive story with amazing pictures and characters.-TELL us what you think, contact us through the game with any comments or questions. I love Lance, he is such a sweetheart and my heart melts when he protects the mc :) I wonder what else would have happened in other routes?Wanna an unforgettable experience of dating a Pop star?Enter a love adventure in this interactive visual romance!Only time will tell.===Character Profiles===Tsukasa - Collage Teacher, good sense of humor.Kazuya - Freelancer, cooks really nice food.===How to Play===-Open the app.

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