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Fiction books on interracial dating

Would the presence of an interracial couple stop someone from buying a romance? Nope.) Is interracial romance solely the domain – and by domain I mean “located in the bookshop section” – of Black romance, because the minute one half of a protagonist pair is Black, the book moves toward Black Romance as a subgenre marker?

Speaking solely for myself, I’m curious why interracial romance appears to be mostly found in epubs, small presses, erotica, or within Black romance publishing lines.

After all, the first African-American romance imprint came on the scene less than 20 years ago. The latter are now showing up with more frequency, though they are still considered too edgy by a few retailers.“Most of the people I know who are writing interracials are African American,” says Beverly Jenkins, a trailblazing author who has written 30 African-American historical romances.

“As I was developing this character,” she says, “I was picturing him. Before I was really aware of it, I had him as Latino.” Lucas Campbell was born, and the pairing was combustible:“So you’re here,” she said, “and I’m here, and obviously we’ll run into each other now and again.”“Yes.”“You look good, Spaniard,” she said. His face didn’t move; it was like a magic trick or something, the way he could smile like that. Lucas never said too much, but his eyes did.”Higgins’ casting is right in line with the zeitgeist.

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“It wasn’t as though I started out to write a book about an interracial couple,” says Kristan Higgins, the bestselling romance-novel author.

Samhain has an entire section of interracial titles, featuring white heroes and Black heroines, and vice versa—and hero/hero, as well, so clearly someone or many someones are shopping for interracial romance specifically.

On one hand, it’s difficult to ask the right question.

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