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Read More Kids have so much fun with us at After School Care that they don’t want to leave!

Children continually tell us they want fun things to do when they are not with us in our programs – so we created Kidzone to make kids smile.

Find out if you have what it takes to join the team.

Cam hosted the 2010 series of The Block He also hosts renovating show Reno Rumble which began airing in 2015, he will return as host for its second season in 2016.

With school starting in some states this week, Blink surveyed 16,839 adults as part of its "Back to School Home Security" report, to see what parents think about their children coming home to an empty home—and how they feel about checking in on their kids.

Blink found that of those whose children were home alone after school, nearly 18 percent wanted to make sure their kids were getting their homework done, and perhaps not kicking back with Pokémon Go.

Indeed, nearly nine out of every ten people surveyed said they would use a home security system, but a staggering 62 percent said they wouldn't attempt to set up a home system on their own, with more than one-quarter say they'd actually be too "intimidated," according to the survey.

Cam grew up in Sydney's Bondi and attended school at Waverley College with Rodney Allen.

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