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Throughout the years, Assyrians celebrate many different kinds of traditions within their communities, with the majority of the traditions being tied to religion some way.

Some include feasts (Syriac: hareh) for different patron saints, the Nineveh Rogation (: Premta d-Simele) was the first of many massacres committed by the Iraqi government during the systematic targeting of Assyrian of Northern Iraq in August 1933.

According to the CIA, the Assyrian Christians of Iraq or other religions (excluding Islam), make up 3%-5% of the Iraqi population.

The last Iraqi census, in 1987, counted 1.4 million Christians, including the Assyrian community (4-5%), although many left the country during the 1990s when economic sanctions were imposed on the country..

Together, these elements appear to describe a state policy of demographic and hydrological engineering in the imperial heartland.

It was centered on the Tigris River in what today is the Republic of Iraq.They are (along with the Mandeans) an indigenous, and have direct cultural and genetic lineage from the ancient Mesopotamians, in particular from the Akkadian peoples (Assyrians and Babylonians) who emerged in the region c.3000 BC, and the Aramean tribes who intermingled with them from the 9th century BC onwards.Assyrians are a Semitic people who speak, read and write a modern-day Eastern Dialects of ancient Aramaic that has existed in Iraq since 1200 BC, of which retains even older Akkadian grammatical influences and loan words (the language which they originally spoke).The killing spree that continued among 63 Assyrian villages in the Dohuk and Mosul districts, led to the deaths of an estimated 3,000 Assyrians.August 7 officially became known as Martyrs Day or National Day of Mourning by the Assyrian community in memory for the Simele massacre, as it was declared so by the Assyrian Universal Alliance in 1970.

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